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Arizona Beer

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12 West Brewing

In March 2016, co-founders Bryan McCormick and Noel Garcia were introduced through mutual friends. They made it official in April and immediately started brewing on a one-barrel system. After hearing about the Barnone project at Agritopia, Noel called Joe Johnston to see if there were any spots ... Read More


1912 Brewing Company

1912 Brewing Company was born out of home brewers Alicia and Allan’s garage dating back to 2004. Our name, stems from the year Arizona became a state. As natives of our unique state we wanted to intertwine aspects of Arizona into our brewery and products. We do ... Read More


8-Bit Aleworks

8-Bit Aleworks is a craft microbrewery located in Avondale, AZ with a retro-gaming theme. Founded by Ryan and Krystina Whitten, a husband and wife team, 8-Bit opened in May of 2015 and is a production style facility. Located in an industrial complex, the brewery focuses on creating ... Read More


Ad Astra Brewing

Ad Astra Brewing Company launched December 2020. It is spearheaded by the talented Master Brewer Williams Walthereson. All who come through the doors will be embraced by his passion, as well as the retro inspired space decor, the inviting ambient lighting, and the craft beer selection. Growing ... Read More


Arizona Wilderness Brewing

Our passion stems from owners Jonathan’s and Patrick’s exploration of the beautiful and diverse state of Arizona. Their love for Arizona and its vast wilderness inspires the creation of high quality, artfully crafted beers that highlight local agricultural products and support sustainable practices. Read More


Barley Brothers Brewery and ...

Barley Brothers restaurant and brewery is known for its extensive menu and award winning craft beer. Our American cuisine menu includes an impressive selection of appetizers, salads, pastas, sandwiches, ribs and rotisserie chicken. Our wood fired pizzas are in a class all by themselves. If you’ve ever ... Read More


Barnstar Brewing Company

Barnstar Brewing Company and Tasting Room sits on a ranch in Skull Valley, about 15 minutes outside of Prescott, Arizona. Surrounded by miles of Prescott National Forest and offering stunning views of Granite and Tonto Mountains, a visit to Barnstar is a truly unique and memorable experience. ... Read More


Barrio Brewing Company

Barrio Brewing Company is Arizona’s oldest brewery, opening back in 1991. After nearly three decades of growth our beers have reached all corners of the state. Our taproom just outside of Downtown Tucson offers a local take on bar food with a quirky industrial atmosphere. Stop by ... Read More


Beaver Street Brewery

Co-Founder’s Dick and Jean Wilson read an article about the up and coming trend of “Brewpubs”. Just not another restaurant, but one that brewed their own beer. In 1993 there were a mere 250 microbreweries and brewpubs. They quickly called their daughter Winnie Hanseth and told her ... Read More


Beer Research Institute

Like many of the great stories of American entrepreneurs, our story begins in a garage! The first batch of beer was made in the spring of 2003. It wasn't great, but we drank it and it sparked a passion that eventually morphed into The B.R.I. More than ... Read More


Black Bridge Brewery

Black Bridge Brewery began as a house party of sorts; with Tim’s closest friends coming to the makeshift brewery he had built in his garage in Kingman, Arizona to try his latest flavors. Word quickly spread throughout Kingman, where getting an invite to one of these private ... Read More


Black Horse Brewery

The Black Horse Brewery opened in Show Low,  Arizona in May 2015.  Although newly opened, we have been brewing, testing and tasting for over 30 years. Black Horse Brewery is a family owned and operated Micro Brewery creating and brewing high quality products for the craft beer fan. ... Read More


Blackrock Brewers

If you’re a craft beer fan, you know about hops. You know that they are one of the four ingredients in the German purity law. You know they add a bitter dimension to beer. Some of you — and you know who you are — understand that ... Read More


Bone Haus Brewing

The Bone Haus Brewing name and theme are a nod to the many ossuaries and catacombs, also known as bone houses, we’ve visited across Europe. Those warmly lit chambers contain artistic and stunning displays of skeletal remains of everyone from revered monks to common townsfolk, but those ... Read More


Borderlands Brewing Company

Our mission is to provide quality craft beer while being a thought leader in the Southern Arizona brewing community. By valuing our community and promoting the progress of community partners and sustainability, we strive to create an inclusive space and atmosphere for our customers and employees. We ... Read More


Button Brew House

Todd Button has more than 14 years of experience in business management and as an entrepreneur. He is a self-motivated, dedicated leader who promotes maintaining respectful relationships within a team. Todd has strong overall business and implementation skills, he is extremely passionate, has patience and perseverance, and ... Read More


Catalina Brewing Company

CBC’s history starts officially with the two partners sitting around a campfire drinking some of Hank’s home brew one late evening after a night ride at the 2009 Epic Rides 24 Hours of Old Pueblo mountain bike race. The evening of leisure turned into brainstorming concepts and ... Read More


College Street Brewhouse & ...

Here we focus on creating one-of-a-kind handcrafted, award-winning beers and delicious food made simply. We do this not just because we believe in an old-world approach to freshness and sustainability, but also because fresh, local food tastes better, and is better for you. Guests will appreciate sipping ... Read More


Copper Brothel Brewery

In July 2014 over a jar of moonshine and some inebriated banter, our family discussed opening a brewery in Southern Arizona’s wine country. We talked about the Copper State’s history, the large unspoken contribution women played in building the Wild West, and how we can pay homage ... Read More


Copper Mine Brewing Company

Although Copper Mine Brewing was founded in 2016, our roots go back nearly a decade, when co-founder Jeff Kaber brewed his first batch of beer on his kitchen stove.  Fast forward 5 years later, Jeff met co-founder Jeremy Pye, and weekend home-brewing sessions eventually morphed into business-planning meetings. ... Read More


Crooked Tooth Brewing Company

After being closed to the public since March and offering to-go brews only, Crooked Tooth Brewing Company is reopening its patio on Wednesday, September 2. For the time being, the hours of operation will be 3 – 8 p.m. on Wednesday, 3 – 10 p.m. on Thursday ... Read More


Crush Craft Cider Company

“Making cider is actually more similar to winemaking than brewing,” Crush Craft Cider Co. head cidermaker Jared Thorn says, admiring the fermentation vats at the company’s warehouse co-op space in Tempe. “But beer drinkers, those are our people. We make a draft-style cider, with a spectrum of ... Read More


Dark Sky Brewing Company

In 2001, Flagstaff became the world’s first “International Dark Sky City” – a designation bestowed on communities with regulatory limits on light pollution, to preserve night sky viewing. There are now 27 communities in the U.S. with dark sky designations, including the Arizona towns of Sedona, Fountain ... Read More


Desert Eagle Brewing Company

After perfecting the process of creating a great craft brew, this dream finally became a reality in 2011. Partnering with co-owner Jeff Bryant, the team became committed to creating great Craft Beers. Vowing to maintain the integrity of their product by using the best ingredients possible, they ... Read More


Desert Monks Brewing

Brewing beer. Brewing Community. Brewing Memories. Desert Monks Brewing Co aims to be a favorite place to gather where the host is a friend and where one feels at home… an “everyman’s brewery” where everyone can enjoy an excellently crafted beverage and can find a place to ... Read More


Dillinger Brewing Company

Something’s brewing on the corner of Ninth Street and Fourth Avenue. It’s been in the works for nearly a year and Dillinger Brewing Company is officially ready to open its new taproom at 402 E. Ninth St. on Friday, May 21. The historic spot was originally built ... Read More


Dragoon Brewing Company

Dragoon Brewing Company's origins go back to the mid-90's, when company founder Bruce Greene brewed his first batch of beer in his kitchen. Right then he decided to start saving to open his own brewery. Within 10 years, his son Eric had been bitten by the brewing ... Read More


Edge Of The World ...

Hi this is AZbottle and you've reached Edge Of The World Brewery. We couldn't find any content to display here, but there's still good stuff to see! Pictures, information and azbottle selections could be found by clicking here!


Fate Brewing Co.

We believe that every community needs a place to go to celebrate the better things in life like new jobs, relationships, good friends and happy families.And to us, that place has always been the local brewpub. So in 2012, Steve McFate built Fate’s Tap + Barrel in ... Read More


Firetruck Brewing Company

Firetruck Brewing Company, Tucson’s ONLY Midtown Brewpub, is a 3 BBL nano-brewery that offers a rotating selection of craft beers along with a few house favorites. Our inspiration comes from many sources including, but not limited to, travels we’ve had and suggestions from friends. We look forward ... Read More


Flagstaff Brewing Company

Jeff Thorsett opened FBC in the July, 1994 with the mission to provide craft-brewed beer and a robust whiskey selection to a thirsty mountain town. Aiming to further the ambiance of great brewpubs, Flagbrew (as the locals call it), provides a casual and friendly atmosphere, which anyone ... Read More


Flying Basset Brewing

The brewery name did not come from his other career as a pilot. He and wife Sara Cotton got a basset hound they named Lt. Dan. The brewery name and logo came after having some fun with the dog’s ears and doggles. Now the couple has two ... Read More


Four Peaks Brewing Company

Located in Tempe, Arizona, Four Peaks has helped define craft beer in the Southwest since 1996. Our hometown pride and heritage are at the heart of our pubs in Tempe, Scottsdale and Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport. Our brewers are committed to creating exceptional beers meant to ... Read More


Front Pourch Brewing

Front Pourch Brewing was founded out of our own home in the Northern Phoenix area of Arizona. Most local breweries cater to the downtown districts of the city, so were are droppin' the hops closer to the many porches of Deer Valley, Anthem, Cave Creek, Norterra, and ... Read More


Gentle Bens Brewing Company

There was once a building located at 841 N. Tyndall Avenue. It served, in turns, as a safe haven for students and soldiers in World War ll, a sorority and fraternity house, and as the official residence for University of Arizona presidents. In 1971, that historic building ... Read More


Goldwater Brewing Company

The starting point of Goldwater Brewing Co. actually dates back a few decades ago. Growing up with an avid home brewing dad, Chad & Dillon McClelland had brewing in their blood at an early age. Although at the time it seemed that they were just grinding grain, ... Read More


Grand Avenue Brewing Company

Our taproom is in a vintage 40’s era warehouse with original exposed wood trusses. It has a great vibe --  it's like hanging out and drinking beer in your buddy's  garage only there's a really good  brewery and a  kitchen with tasty menu options. It's a great ... Read More


Grand Canyon Brewing Company

Hi this is AZbottle and you've reached Grand Canyon Brewing Company. We couldn't find any content to display here, but there's still good stuff to see! Pictures, information and azbottle selections could be found by clicking here!


Greenwood Brewery

As a woman-owned brewing company, we believe in celebrating women who make a difference in our world. Our Herstory Spotlight features everyday women coming together, bonded by a shared love of craft brews and the stories of our lives. Every life is flavored with experience and we ... Read More


Harbottle Brewing Company

"Captain John Harbottle was born in England in 1779 and did a bunch of cool shit. He sailed as part of Captain Cook's expedition as First Mate on the H.M.S Jackal to the South Pacific and did some more really cool shit. This one time in Hawaii, he ... Read More


Helluva Brewing Company

Welcome to HELLUVA Brewing Company - a "suds and smoke" style brewery and restaurant. Shawn Shepard, along with his wife, Lisa, and Steve Stone, the former head brewer at Tempe-based Huss Brewing Company, are striving to provide the finest quality in artisan beer and a fun dining ... Read More


Helton Brewing Company

Helton Brewing Company is an industrial neighborhood brewery located in Central Phoenix.  Our beers are brewed from the love of the craft and through that passion and science, we formulate our beers to not only satisfy our goals but to share with our community. Our Taproom showcases ... Read More


Historic Brewing Company

Bringing quality craft beer to the community in a bold and intentional way has always been at the root of what we do at Historic Brewing Company. We began in 2013 in Flagstaff, AZ with a strong purpose and drive to bring an unparalleled experience to the ... Read More


HOP Central Brewing

H.O.P. Central Brewing Co. operates as a moderately upscale taproom with Happy Hour Every Day! Our mission is to create an exceptional experience for craft beer and wine enthusiasts. We have over 36 taps of domestic and imported craft beer and wine. Our taproom will cater to ... Read More


Huss Brewing Company

Founded in Tempe, AZ in 2013 by two people with a lot of passion for craft beer, Huss Brewing Co. is proud to be one of the state’s largest independent brewers. Swing by our a brewery/taproom in Tempe, or our standalone Taproom in Uptown Phoenix, and enjoy ... Read More


Insurgent Brewing Company

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Iron John’s Brewing Co.

We were founded in 2014 in Tucson, Arizona; the heart of the Sonoran Desert. Our beers are small batch (2 bbl = about 60 gallons) and our brew system incorporates repurposed materials such as soup kettles that were fashioned to our purposes. We mill our barley on site and use whole grains, flavorful hops, ... Read More


Kitsune Brewing Company

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Lazy G Brewhouse

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Lochiel Brewing

The manufacturing process used in Lochiel Brewing is exactly the same as the old time Scottish distilleries and breweries but adapted to use modern stainless steel brewing equipment. We import our grains and hops from primarily Scotland and we also import from Germany, Austria and Canada. The ... Read More


Lonesome Valley Brewing

Prescott Valley's first and only craft brewery since 2013. Our menu features scratch-made pub food made from the freshest ingredients we can find.  We are known for our hand formed burgers, fresh-baked pretzels, and the best Reuben sandwich in the state! Our dining room is intimate and ... Read More


Lumberyard Brewing Company

Winnie and Evan Hanseth opened up Flagstaff’s first brewpub – Beaver Street Brewery, in March of 1994. Over the years, Beaver Street Brewery’s beer has been well received by the public and has won numerous awards. With little space, small capacity, and high demand for Beaver Street ... Read More


Mother Road Brewing Company

Driving on a dark stretch of two lane road, the Marquess family headed into the final stretch of their journey home. Pondering how to better live their creed of 'finding joy in the adventure,' they came up with a plan to join their passions of craft beer, ... Read More


Motosonora Brewing Company

came during a 2010 overland trip through South Africa and Botswana when Tucson brothers Jeff and Jeremy DeConcini spent hours fireside in the bush debating the merits of the vehicles driven, the countries visited, and the preferred beers tasted along the way.  Whether it was an IPA, ... Read More


North Mountain Brewing Company

You have reached North Mountain Brewing Company located at the base of North Mountain in North Central Phoenix. North Mountain Brewing Company is a family-style restaurant , microbrewery / brewpub located in the North Central Phoenix corridor in the foothills of North Mountain facing the downtown Phoenix ... Read More


O.H.S.O. Eatery & NanoBrewery

Many patrons bike to the bar as it’s located right by a scenic canal. we have over 40+ beers on tap as well as wine and house cocktails. we have a huge back patio with orange umbrellas and bikes set up so that when the wheels spin ... Read More


Oak Creek Brewing Company

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Old Bisbee Brewing Company

Imagine a boutique brewery, ultra modern in design, totally custom built to create beers of the highest quality.  Now, place that brewery in a great historical setting.....That is Old Bisbee Brewing Company.  Established in 2010 above legendary Brewery Gulch in the mile high, historic town of Bisbee, ... Read More


Old Ellsworth Brewing Company

We brew beer inspired by life and free from constraint! We have a scratch kitchen and a full bar. All of the products that stock our bar come from right here in Arizona. Best burgers in Queen Creek. Best Nachos in the state! Come check us out! ... Read More


Oro Brewing Company

Oro Brewing Company is a locally-owned and operated small batch brewery and taproom located in Historic Downtown Mesa. We brew high quality, handcrafted ales & lagers and offer a comfortable, welcoming atmosphere where you can raise a glass with friends. Rooted in traditional brewing techniques and recipes, ... Read More


Pedal Haus Brewery

Hi this is AZbottle and you've reached Pedal Haus Brewery. We couldn't find any content to display here, but there's still good stuff to see! Pictures, information and azbottle selections could be found by clicking here!


Peoria Artisan Brewery

We are a family and community oriented brewery and gastropub in North Peoria, AZ.  We take great pride in crafting our in-house brews on a 5 BBL (155 gallon) brew system and creating authentic, scratch cuisine for our guests.  Join us to enjoy our house brewed fermented ... Read More


Perch Pub & Brewery

The Perch Brewery and Pub is located in Historic Downtown Chandler Arizona. It is not only a Brewery and Pub but home to a collection of over 50 brightly colored, tropical rescue birds. The Perch is something you have to see to believe! Featuring panoramic views of ... Read More


PHX Beer Company

It's not just a name. We seriously love Phoenix, and we seriously love beer. This town runs in our blood and in our brews. Our brewers use fresh ingredients to bring the city to you, whether you're touring our downtown Phoenix brewery, visiting our taproom, grabbing a ... Read More


Pinetop Brewing Company

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Prescott Brewing Company

PBC® The Pub is well-established and highly successful, with a history of annual growth since inception in 1994. We foster a team-oriented management style. We offer an excellent casual, yet professional, dining experience for our guests, never pretentious, emphasizing a “fun & friendly…brewpub style!!!” menu selections and ... Read More


Prison Hill Brewing Company

Beer brewed in Yuma, Arizona -- The sunniest city on Earth -- by souls tough enough to brave scalding hot summers, wrangle live rattle snakes, and leap tall cactuses in a single bound. No, we're not super heroes, just beer lovers like you, willing to brave the ... Read More


Pueblo Vida Brewing Company

We are a passionate group of desert-dwellers committed to attaining the highest level of quality and consistency in the craft beer world. With an eye towards sustainability and our local community, these talented individuals continuously strive for growth and learning while keeping Pueblo Vida running day-in and ... Read More


Richter Aleworks

We all need a place to relax after work, so why not do it with a drink in your hand? Join us for a locally brewed beer.  Pair it with something delicious from our kitchen. Each Friday night, we host a local food truck here at the ... Read More


Rickety Cricket Brewing

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Saddle Mountain Brewing

His wife Laura, shortly after they were married, had bought Jacob a home-brew kit and he started brewing his own beer at home. After 15 years of home-brew, and three children later, Jacob decided to expand his dream and open a craft brewery. After many hours refining ... Read More


SanTan Brewing Company

Founder and Brewmaster Anthony Canecchia has a mission to pair great beer with great food to inspire conversations that could change the world. In 2007, we opened our doors in the heart of Historic Downtown Chandler to accomplish just that. People liked our beer, so we began ... Read More


Simple Machine Brewing Company

Hi this is AZbottle and you've reached Simple Machine Brewing Company. We couldn't find any content to display here, but there's still good stuff to see! Pictures, information and azbottle selections could be found by clicking here!


Smelter Town Brewery

Smelter Town Brewery delivers finely crafted beers, brewed with passion and creativity, all while representing the community of Clarkdale, Arizona. With each innovative beer poured, Smelter Town Brewery remembers the commitment, creativity and passion that goes into the craftsmanship of brewing. We are located inside of the Park Hotel. Read More


State 48 Brewery

State 48 Brewery in Surprise is the original location featuring a 10 barrel system. We brew our seasonal and specialty beers at this location. We have a full kitchen as well as a wood fired pizza oven featuring Neapolitan style pizza. We have a huge, dog friendly ... Read More


Sun Up Brewery

We are a locally owned brewery and taproom in the heart of Phoenix. We are one of the longest running breweries in the city, offering numerous award winning craft beers, as well as meads from our friends at Superstition Meadery. We invite you to visit our taproom ... Read More


Ten Fifty-Five Brewing

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THAT Brewery & Pub

Steve and Tamara Morken owned and operated Rimside Grill & Cabins in Pine, Arizona from June 2004 to June 2012 when they converted the location to THAT Brewery & Pub. The amount of experience from day to day operations of creating recipes, inventory control, accounting, marketing, employee management, ... Read More


The Address Brewing Company

Located near the University of Arizona at 1702 E. Speedway Blvd (get it?), we serve an ever-changing selection of 30 imported beers and domestic micro-brews on draught and many more by the bottle. Our menu offers a large variety including wings, various salads, sandwiches, and delicious pizzas ... Read More


The Shop Beer Company

The Paradigm: The brewery is the heart and soul of our operation. Consistency, quality, and creativity are the driving forces behind our liquid. We take great pride in making our brewery a sanctuary for creativity, cleanliness, friendship and transparency. Want to come inside and check it out? ... Read More


Throne Brewing Company

Hi this is AZbottle and you've reached Throne Brewing Company. We couldn't find any content to display here, but there's still good stuff to see! Pictures, information and azbottle selections could be found by clicking here!


Thunder Canyon Brewing Company

A craft brewery or microbrewery is a brewery that produces small amounts of beer, typically less than large breweries, and is often independently owned. Such breweries are generally perceived and marketed as having an emphasis on enthusiasm, new flavors, and varied brewing techniques. The microbrewing movement began ... Read More


Tombstone Brewing Company

We founded Tombstone Brewing Company in 2016 to bring world class beer to the Town Too Tough to Die. Started in legendary Tombstone, Arizona and now brewing in the heart of Phoenix too, we seek to create an inviting, laid-back environment where people can casually gather for ... Read More

Transplant City Beer Co.

It all started with two guys with a shared passion of hockey and beer. Already an experienced homebrewer, Justin Egbert invited Paul Power to come brew with him. Together they called themselves BeerdOPower. They brewed beers that they knew that they’d love and started sharing it with ... Read More


Verde Brewing Company

The Verde Brewing Company is a Farm - to - Mug Brewery creating handcrafted beers with local ingredients grown in the Verde Valley, Arizona. It was founded in 2013 through two successful kickstarter campaigns. Verde Brewing Company is a Verde Valley Farm-to-Mug brewing experience, incorporating local resources ... Read More


Walter Station Brewery

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Wanderlust Brewing Company

Wanderlust is a small microbrewery located in the high country of Arizona, in a small business park off the beaten path. Our beers reflect our tastes and the sense of adventure that comes along with a lifetime of travel and exploration. We have a particular soft spot ... Read More


Wren House Brewing Company

Located in the Green Gables neighborhood of Phoenix, the property we now call home at Wren House sat unoccupied and disused for decades. We fell in love with its character, rebuilt the old guest house and garage in the backyard into our brewhouse, and converted the main ... Read More