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Black Bridge Brewery

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The information for Black Bridge Brewery was last updated on August 2nd, 2021. That update could be anywhere on this page, though.

  • Black Bridge Brewery
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  • Kingman, 86401
  • (928) 377-3618
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Learn more about Black Bridge Brewery

Black Bridge Brewery began as a house party of sorts; with Tim’s closest friends coming to the makeshift brewery he had built in his garage in Kingman, Arizona to try his latest flavors. Word quickly spread throughout Kingman, where getting an invite to one of these private tastings held a distinct sense of exclusivity. As the parties grew, so did Schritter’s desire to take his beers to the masses, and add a Brewery to the Kingman community’s sparse options for nightlife.

Black Bridge Brewery, named after a railroad bridge on the outskirts of Kingman and known as a secret party spot for youngsters since the 1960’s, opened its doors in August of 2013. Located in downtown Kingman, Tim created an atmosphere that blends his love of welding, art, music and of course, beer. With year-round beers like Evil Red, Wicked Poison and Rival IPA, Tim has already changed the taste for beer in the Kingman area; and if beer isn’t your thing, you can also enjoy a cold-tap coffee or his signature Ginger Beer. “I focus my energy every day on making a better product, and finding a better way to bring craft beer to Northern Arizona,” Schritter says. If you’re a Kingman native, are on your way to (or from) Las Vegas, or are visiting Route 66, make sure to stop in and be a part of a slightly larger but still very exclusive experience at Black Bridge Brewery.

Last Updated: August 2, 2021

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