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Crush Craft Cider Company
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“Making cider is actually more similar to winemaking than brewing,” Crush Craft Cider Co. head cidermaker Jared Thorn says, admiring the fermentation vats at the company’s warehouse co-op space in Tempe. “But beer drinkers, those are our people. We make a draft-style cider, with a spectrum of styles… a lot like beer.” To that end, Crush Craft – a three-man operation that includes Thorn, his brother Eric Thorn (operations manager) and cousin Jackson Thorn (sales) – has released around two dozen styles of spritzy, refreshing apple wine in the company’s brief two-year history, from the dry, traditional Hazy Apple to the semisweet seasonal Apple Pie à La Mode. The Thorns walk us through their orchard.

Working with reverse-osmosis filtered water and apple concentrate from a supplier in the Midwest (“about 95 percent of cideries use concentrate,” Jared stipulates), the Thorns kick-start the fermentation process using Renaissance Yeast to create their base cider, which they’ve playfully dubbed PLG (“pure liquid gold”).

In a mixing tun called a brite tank, the Thorns mingle their PLG with natural fruit juice, herbs and spices, achieving a uniform 7 percent ABV – about the same as an IPA. “We never add granulated sugar or unnatural sweeteners,” Eric says. Where Apple Pie à La Mode is concerned, that means ground cinnamon and Madagascar vanilla bean.

Led by national brands like Angry Orchard, hard cider stormed into the market in the mid-2010s, creating a niche for local craft producers like Crush Craft (one of only three cider-only outfits in Arizona). In the coming years, the Thorns hope to move into a combined production-taphouse space. “That’s the dream,” Jared says.

Last Updated: July 23, 2021

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