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Dragoon Brewing Company
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Contact Information

The information for Dragoon Brewing Company was last updated on July 23rd, 2021. That update could be anywhere on this page, though.

  • Dragoon Brewing Company
  • 1859 W Grant Rd Ste 111
  • Tucson, 85745
  • (520) 329-3606
  • Web address hasn't been added yet.

Learn more about Dragoon Brewing Company

Dragoon Brewing Company’s origins go back to the mid-90’s, when company founder Bruce Greene brewed his first batch of beer in his kitchen. Right then he decided to start saving to open his own brewery. Within 10 years, his son Eric had been bitten by the brewing bug, become a BJCP certified beer judge, and wandered off to Vermont to study at the American Brewer’s Guild. In 2009, the Tucson Homebrew Club brought father & son together with Tristan White–a like-minded home brewer and craft beer evangelist who’d been entertaining similar fantasies. After working together on a few creative brew sessions, the beginnings of a brewery began to percolate.

In 2011, the three founded Dragoon Brewing Company with a simple idea in mind: that in sharing a creative endeavor with another person, you can’t help but share a bit of yourself. For Dragoon, that endeavor is beer, and we’re proud of the passion, integrity, and soul that we pour into every pint. In April of 2012, Dragoon opened as a self-distributing draft-only brewery featuring just 2 beers on tap: Dragoon IPA, and Stronghold Session Ale.

Since those early days, Dragoon has grown from a team of 3 to a family of more than 20 by focusing on quality as a measure of success. We usually brew about 30 different beers throughout the year, with 11 options on tap at any time.¬†You can rest assured that our beer doesn’t leave the back of the house unless it meets our strict standards, and that quality control doesn’t end when the beer leaves our sight. We’re here to produce beer we can be proud of, and to share it with our community.

Last Updated: July 23, 2021

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