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Lumberyard Brewing Company
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  • Lumberyard Brewing Company
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  • Flagstaff, 86001
  • (928) 779-2739
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Winnie and Evan Hanseth opened up Flagstaff’s first brewpub – Beaver Street Brewery, in March of 1994. Over the years, Beaver Street Brewery’s beer has been well received by the public and has won numerous awards. With little space, small capacity, and high demand for Beaver Street Brewery’s beer, owners Winnie and Evan Hanseth looked for an opportunity elsewhere to brew more beer and start distribution throughout Arizona.

Just when they had exhausted many possible locations around Flagstaff, the city of Flagstaff put out a request for proposal for the historical Halstead Lumberyard Building, built in the early 1900’s, and had been abandoned for 8 years. After being granted the proposal, Winnie and Evan rehabilitated the lumber building to become Lumberyard Brewing Company.

After many months of planning, construction, and rehabilitation of the building, Lumberyard Brewing proudly opened its doors in 2010. Located just south of the railroad tracks on San Francisco Street, Downtown Flagstaff, Arizona. The location of the old Copeland Lumberyard building in the middle of downtown Flagstaff lent itself to becoming a gateway to the Southside community and creating a space for locals and tourists alike to come together for great beer, great food and great times.

Winnie and Evan created a unique menu filled with all the pub favorites to accompany their award-winning beers. The food and beer both attract a large demographic of people which creates a fun and welcoming environment for all.

Over the last decade, Lumberyard Brewing Company has been brewing and distributing its flagship beers throughout Arizona including Flagstaff IPA, Railhead Red, Red Rock Raspberry alongside new creations that have been added into the family. Most recently our Hazy Angel IPA.

Last Updated: July 25, 2021

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