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Prescott Brewing Company
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  • Prescott Brewing Company
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  • Prescott, 86301
  • (928) 771-2795
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PBC® The Pub is well-established and highly successful, with a history of annual growth since inception in 1994. We foster a team-oriented management style. We offer an excellent casual, yet professional, dining experience for our guests, never pretentious, emphasizing a “fun & friendly…brewpub style!!!” menu selections and service. We are high-volume, fast-paced and right in the middle of all the action for the dozens of arts & craft fairs, free summertime concerts, festivals, dancing, parades, and holiday events that take place right outside our front doorstep on Prescott’s hometown courthouse Plaza. In 2008 we launched our first products for distribution outside the Prescott area. Eventually we added Achocolypse Porter to the mix

We are community-minded (see how) and involved in many local events and fundraisers. Our kitchen is a 99% scratch kitchen, providing a large & varied menu. Our bar is lively and we attract people of all ages and backgrounds, from kids to boomers to oldsters! We’re hands-on owners and look for managers with the same philosophy.

We bought a nice chunk of land out by the Prescott airport and began development of plans to build a production plant. Unfortunately the great recession hit during 2008 and 2009 and the economy took a nose-dive. The plans for the production plant were put on hold, but we didn’t let that stop us from moving forward with distribution plans. So we did an about-face and purchased a warehouse about a mile from the pub, installed a beer storage cellar and set up a manual two-head canning machine. We began kegging off Liquid Amber Ale and Ponderosa IPA that we being brewed on our original 1994 7-barrel brewhouse. We transported those kegs to the warehouse facility, put them in the cellar, let everything settle down, and began our canning & distribution adventures with those two beers. We eventually introduced Achocolypse Chocolate Porter and life was good. . But, alas, we found ourselves with an unexpected problem…too much distribution was taking a toll on our ability to provide our pub guests with the variety of beers on tap that they had grown accustomed to…and boy, did they let us know!

Last Updated: July 25, 2021

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