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Saddle Mountain Brewing
Map to Saddle Mountain Brewing

Contact Information

The information for Saddle Mountain Brewing was last updated on June 29th, 2021. That update could be anywhere on this page, though.

  • Saddle Mountain Brewing
  • 15651 W. Roosevelt St.
  • Goodyear, 85338
  • (623) 249-5520
  • Web address hasn't been added yet.

Learn more about Saddle Mountain Brewing

His wife Laura, shortly after they were married, had bought Jacob a home-brew kit and he started brewing his own beer at home. After 15 years of home-brew, and three children later, Jacob decided to expand his dream and open a craft brewery. After many hours refining his recipes and winning awards, and even more hours drinking his creations with friends, Jacob created a line of craft brews he lovingly named Taildragger. The name came from one of his first loves, the PT17 otherwise known as a Stearman, and is, you guessed it, a Taildragger aircraft that flew in WWII and still flies today. After suggesting to her husband that they needed to invest in something (maybe a brewery) to help grow a legacy for their children, Saddle Mountain Brewing Company was born.

Jacob spent hours and hours on the business plan, while both he and Laura looked for a place to build a brewery. As a result of their extensive search, they  came to the conclusion that the West Valley was in dire need of some good craft brew and that Goodyear would be a great location. Then came some upsetting news, Goodyear did not allow for production breweries!

It took 9 more months, and the collaboration of the great people at Goodyear Planning and Development, to rewrite the city ordinance to allow production breweries to be built.

Saddle Mountain Brewing Company made history by becoming the first production brewery, bottling as Taildragger Craft Beer, in Goodyear Arizona.

Last Updated: June 29, 2021

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