Pay close attention to the navigation at the bottom of the website. You’ll notice all of the cities in Arizona are listed that accommodate these wineries and breweries. If you click a city, you’ll get a nice little page that lets you know what exists in that city. I’ve found that lacking while trying to figure out where to go while on vacation. You’ll also find a more organized menu on other pages.

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Ending 2021 On An ...

It's been an interesting year... or half a year since AZbottle was launched. I must admit that it was never launched with any kind of fanfare or even posting on social media about it. I guess I wanted to make sure that everything is working as it ... Read More


Spending Time In Sonoita

We've set out to spend a little time in Sonoita/Elgin before Christmas. We also have had very hard work schedules for the past several months and found some time and a place to relax. The views are amazing and the weather is perfect right now so I ... Read More


Still developing but very ...

This has been quite the journey. I've done a lot to this website and I've learned a TON! I've basically had to relearn HTML and CSS to make this website. To me it's very exciting but to most is super boring. I'm now to the point in ... Read More


Barrio Charro

I'm in no way shape or form, a foodie. I never know what to say about food, I never know what adjectives to use to describe food, I don't know how to write about food. All I know is that I need to get someone on AZbottle ... Read More


A Message to the ...

If you'd like to see more additional information, or if you'd like to change the information that is being seen by everyone, please don't hesitate to  reach out to me to have that information changed. When I built this website, I only grabbed what was quickly shown ... Read More


Monsoon 2021

As desert dwellers in Arizona, one of the most beautiful times here is the start of the monsoon. We, like much of the southwestern united states, rely on the monsoon rains. The official start date of the monsoon is June 15th but ever since I can remember, ... Read More


Arizona Wine Collective

Owners Pete and Jeanne Snell are uniquely qualified to create, foster and deliver an outstanding customer experience to the guests of Arizona Wine Collective.  The Snells' extensive background includes public relations, marketing, advertising and retail.   Most importantly, they love exploring the world of wine.  They’ve made it a ... Read More


Tucson Hop Shop

Tucson Hop Shop is north Tucson's premier craft-beer and wine bar, bottle shop, growler-fill station, and Urban Beer Garden.  We are thrilled to have been named's Great American Beer Bar of Arizona for 2017, and Big 7 Travel's Best Craft Beer Bar in Arizona for 2019. ... Read More


Welcome to the redesigned ...

I should add a disclaimer before I begin, however. This website is still under heavy construction. There are things that I'm adding and removing all of the time as the development moves in a forward direction. I'm also constantly trying to add features that I think are ... Read More