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Monsoon 2021
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As desert dwellers in Arizona, one of the most beautiful times here is the start of the monsoon. We, like much of the southwestern united states, rely on the monsoon rains. The official start date of the monsoon is June 15th but ever since I can remember, the start date has been dictated by at least three days of consecutive dew points of 54 degrees or greater. When an official start date was put in to play I thought it was inaccurate and not needed. I was accustomed to the tracking of dew points and didn’t want to change that… until this year. I was shocked that when June 15th rolled around, the humidity changed a little bit and tiny white clouds were showing up above the Santa Catalina Mountains.

Every single year I pray for a decent rainfall total. Back in 2020 we had one good rain that seemed indicative of a good year but in the end it ended up being the worst year for rainfall. In fact, it was the hottest that I can remember. Some days were humid and hot and other days were humid and hot. There just wasn’t a contrast.

You know, this is AZbottle and while I’m not talking about beer or wine, I am talking about perfect conditions in which to enjoy beer or wine. I strongly feel that the monsoon season is the perfect time to enjoy either/or. It’s quite literally the best time to enjoy. No one talks about what pairs well with the sweet smell of creosote in the air. No one talks about the ambiance of a revitalizing rain that is so essential to our region and that a soothing imperial stout may be a nice accompaniment to such an event. Shit, sorry. Total tangent.

Monsoon should not only have an official start date, but it should also be considered a federal holiday. It’s probably the single most important event known to Arizona and all of its inhabitants. Hell, earlier this year I overheard an article in the paper (yes I said I overheard) that the Saguaro might be coming to its end. That the recent explosion of blooms was a tell that they might be throwing their last hurrah because of the change in climate. Can you imagine this place without our beloved Saguaro?

Hold up your glasses and toast this beautiful state of ours. Toast all of it. The plants, the animals, the land, the people. Let’s celebrate our state by enjoying what it has to offer. Wine and beer.

As of July 26th, 2021 my area received 8.20 inches of rain.

Last Updated: September 16, 2021

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