We love our Arizona wine and beer, don’t we? I know I do! I’ve gained almost 50 lbs because of how good all this craziness is. This website is created from love of our excellent establishments trying to navigate this consumable liquids market. AZbottle is here to help by providing you with every winery and brewery in Arizona. Along with contact info, social media stuffs, map and photos to help you figure it all out!


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12 West Brewing

In March 2016, co-founders Bryan McCormick and Noel Garcia were introduced through mutual friends. They made it official in April and immediately started brewing on a one-barrel system. After hearing about the Barnone project at Agritopia, Noel called Joe Johnston to see if there were any spots ... Read More


Arizona Wilderness Brewing

Our passion stems from owners Jonathan’s and Patrick’s exploration of the beautiful and diverse state of Arizona. Their love for Arizona and its vast wilderness inspires the creation of high quality, artfully crafted beers that highlight local agricultural products and support sustainable practices. Read More


Desert Monks Brewing

Brewing beer. Brewing Community. Brewing Memories. Desert Monks Brewing Co aims to be a favorite place to gather where the host is a friend and where one feels at home… an “everyman’s brewery” where everyone can enjoy an excellently crafted beverage and can find a place to ... Read More


Flying Basset Brewing

The brewery name did not come from his other career as a pilot. He and wife Sara Cotton got a basset hound they named Lt. Dan. The brewery name and logo came after having some fun with the dog’s ears and doggles. Now the couple has two ... Read More

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