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Copper Brothel Brewery

In July 2014 over a jar of moonshine and some inebriated banter, our family discussed opening a brewery in Southern Arizona’s wine country. We talked about the Copper State’s history, the large unspoken contribution women played in building the Wild West, and how we can pay homage ... Read More


Dos Cabezas WineWorks

Since 1995, Dos Cabezas WineWorks has been growing grapes and producing wines in Southern Arizona. Originally located in Kansas Settlement, the winery and 80 acres of vineyard were pioneered by the late visionary, Al Buhl. Todd Bostock joined the team as winemaker in 2002 and by the end ... Read More


Hops and Vines

MEGAN STRANIK- Megan was first introduced to the world of winemaking at Sonoita Vineyard. Sonoita is the original Sonoita-area vineyard, and was founded in 1983. She spent a year as a volunteer, helping tend the farm. Working outdoors to grow the plants became what she wanted to do with ... Read More

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