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1912 Brewing Company

1912 Brewing Company was born out of home brewers Alicia and Allan’s garage dating back to 2004. Our name, stems from the year Arizona became a state. As natives of our unique state we wanted to intertwine aspects of Arizona into our brewery and products. We do ... Read More


Barrio Brewing Company

Barrio Brewing Company is Arizona’s oldest brewery, opening back in 1991. After nearly three decades of growth our beers have reached all corners of the state. Our taproom just outside of Downtown Tucson offers a local take on bar food with a quirky industrial atmosphere. Stop by ... Read More


Blackrock Brewers

If you’re a craft beer fan, you know about hops. You know that they are one of the four ingredients in the German purity law. You know they add a bitter dimension to beer. Some of you — and you know who you are — understand that ... Read More


Borderlands Brewing Company

Our mission is to provide quality craft beer while being a thought leader in the Southern Arizona brewing community. By valuing our community and promoting the progress of community partners and sustainability, we strive to create an inclusive space and atmosphere for our customers and employees. We ... Read More


Button Brew House

Todd Button has more than 14 years of experience in business management and as an entrepreneur. He is a self-motivated, dedicated leader who promotes maintaining respectful relationships within a team. Todd has strong overall business and implementation skills, he is extremely passionate, has patience and perseverance, and ... Read More


Catalina Brewing Company

CBC’s history starts officially with the two partners sitting around a campfire drinking some of Hank’s home brew one late evening after a night ride at the 2009 Epic Rides 24 Hours of Old Pueblo mountain bike race. The evening of leisure turned into brainstorming concepts and ... Read More


Copper Mine Brewing Company

Although Copper Mine Brewing was founded in 2016, our roots go back nearly a decade, when co-founder Jeff Kaber brewed his first batch of beer on his kitchen stove.  Fast forward 5 years later, Jeff met co-founder Jeremy Pye, and weekend home-brewing sessions eventually morphed into business-planning meetings. ... Read More


Crooked Tooth Brewing Company

After being closed to the public since March and offering to-go brews only, Crooked Tooth Brewing Company is reopening its patio on Wednesday, September 2. For the time being, the hours of operation will be 3 – 8 p.m. on Wednesday, 3 – 10 p.m. on Thursday ... Read More


Dillinger Brewing Company

Something’s brewing on the corner of Ninth Street and Fourth Avenue. It’s been in the works for nearly a year and Dillinger Brewing Company is officially ready to open its new taproom at 402 E. Ninth St. on Friday, May 21. The historic spot was originally built ... Read More


Dragoon Brewing Company

Dragoon Brewing Company's origins go back to the mid-90's, when company founder Bruce Greene brewed his first batch of beer in his kitchen. Right then he decided to start saving to open his own brewery. Within 10 years, his son Eric had been bitten by the brewing ... Read More


Firetruck Brewing Company

Firetruck Brewing Company, Tucson’s ONLY Midtown Brewpub, is a 3 BBL nano-brewery that offers a rotating selection of craft beers along with a few house favorites. Our inspiration comes from many sources including, but not limited to, travels we’ve had and suggestions from friends. We look forward ... Read More


Gentle Bens Brewing Company

There was once a building located at 841 N. Tyndall Avenue. It served, in turns, as a safe haven for students and soldiers in World War ll, a sorority and fraternity house, and as the official residence for University of Arizona presidents. In 1971, that historic building ... Read More


Harbottle Brewing Company

"Captain John Harbottle was born in England in 1779 and did a bunch of cool shit. He sailed as part of Captain Cook's expedition as First Mate on the H.M.S Jackal to the South Pacific and did some more really cool shit. This one time in Hawaii, he ... Read More


Iron John’s Brewing Co.

We were founded in 2014 in Tucson, Arizona; the heart of the Sonoran Desert. Our beers are small batch (2 bbl = about 60 gallons) and our brew system incorporates repurposed materials such as soup kettles that were fashioned to our purposes. We mill our barley on site and use whole grains, flavorful hops, ... Read More


Motosonora Brewing Company

came during a 2010 overland trip through South Africa and Botswana when Tucson brothers Jeff and Jeremy DeConcini spent hours fireside in the bush debating the merits of the vehicles driven, the countries visited, and the preferred beers tasted along the way.  Whether it was an IPA, ... Read More


Old Pueblo Cellars

In 1974, we purchased property in Mariposa County, California, called the Mockingbird Ranch. On this land stood an old vineyard planted by Italian immigrants many decades prior and even though it was unkept for years, we decided to harvest the fruit and try our hand at winemaking. ... Read More


Pueblo Vida Brewing Company

We are a passionate group of desert-dwellers committed to attaining the highest level of quality and consistency in the craft beer world. With an eye towards sustainability and our local community, these talented individuals continuously strive for growth and learning while keeping Pueblo Vida running day-in and ... Read More


Sand Reckoner

Winemaker, Rob Hammelman, began his wine journey in Arizona in 2000 while taking a summer from teaching Humanities and Sciences to work in the vineyard of one of Arizona’s wine pioneers, Callaghan Vineyards. It didn’t take long to recognize that while drinking Arizona wine, the aromas and ... Read More


Ten Fifty-Five Brewing

Hi this is AZbottle and you've reached Ten Fifty-Five Brewing. We couldn't find any content to display here, but there's still good stuff to see! Pictures, information and azbottle selections could be found by clicking here!


The Address Brewing Company

Located near the University of Arizona at 1702 E. Speedway Blvd (get it?), we serve an ever-changing selection of 30 imported beers and domestic micro-brews on draught and many more by the bottle. Our menu offers a large variety including wings, various salads, sandwiches, and delicious pizzas ... Read More


Thunder Canyon Brewing Company

A craft brewery or microbrewery is a brewery that produces small amounts of beer, typically less than large breweries, and is often independently owned. Such breweries are generally perceived and marketed as having an emphasis on enthusiasm, new flavors, and varied brewing techniques. The microbrewing movement began ... Read More

Also in Tucson

Arizona Wine Collective

Owners Pete and Jeanne Snell are uniquely qualified to create, foster and deliver an outstanding customer experience to the guests of Arizona Wine Collective.  The Snells' extensive background includes public relations, marketing, advertising and retail.   Most importantly, they love exploring the world of wine.  They’ve made it a ... Read More


Barrio Charro

I'm in no way shape or form, a foodie. I never know what to say about food, I never know what adjectives to use to describe food, I don't know how to write about food. All I know is that I need to get someone on AZbottle ... Read More


Tucson Hop Shop

Tucson Hop Shop is north Tucson's premier craft-beer and wine bar, bottle shop, growler-fill station, and Urban Beer Garden.  We are thrilled to have been named's Great American Beer Bar of Arizona for 2017, and Big 7 Travel's Best Craft Beer Bar in Arizona for 2019. ... Read More